A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for

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“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” ― William G.T. Shedd


And it brought to mind a story from when I was first learning how to Sail….I had taken the lessons, been out on the water, the rivers and the Chesapeake Bay with experienced sailors. One afternoon, a fellow new sailor and I decided to take a small sailboat for a few hours. We had successfully sailed together prior so we were confident in our novice sailing abilities.


Apparently, the winds were against us and despite our best efforts, we could not get the boat out of the marina. We were slamming against dock and ended up in an empty slip behind us (away from our planned destination). No matter how hard we tried, we could not get the sailboat past our slip, we were making absolutely NO progress toward the bay. We eventually gave up, docked the boat and were mentally and physically exhausted….and we had not even gone anywhere….


It reminded me of my own life and my own journey onto my road less traveled, the one that stepped out of the ‘shoulds’ and the rules of how I was ‘supposed’ to live my life, to the one with my heart. Sometimes the road we must travel is like the unchartered seas. I tried to maneuver these seas on my own. I was clear on my desire, yet I couldn’t get out of the harbor as much as I tried with as much determination as I had, I still ended up right back at the dock. And then, I finally hired a coach……


When she told me my path with my current goals and intentions would take about 4 years, I felt a bit deflated, I wanted to reach my goal much sooner, it felt like an eternity. (By the way – she was right, I was able to get out of the harbor and it did take 4 more years…for the specific goal I was focusing on).


Now I am out on the open waters, learning, growing and enjoying my life. Setting and working toward new goals and living a life I love. It doesn’t mean my life is without challenges. It is. That is part of life. However, how I handle these challenges when they venture my way is completely different, I have more tools in my toolbox of life. If I’m working towards a goal and stuck in the harbor, I’m not waiting 3 years to reach out for help anymore……


Now, as a coach, I help others leave the safe harbor….releasing overwhelm and chaos whether it is in their personal or professional life …. or both, and living a life they love now…

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