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This morning I saw a quote regarding women taking the lead and I realized I want men standing with me on this journey. And I am blessed to have both men and women standing with me. Thank you!

This past Tuesday was International Women’s Day (March 2016). When I woke that morning, I found within me a deep gratitude for the men in my life. Those that stood beside me, those that encouraged me, those that stood behind me, cheering me on, and those that picked up the sword to fight the battle for me. And the wisdom they had to know where and when to stand. For each of you – I am grateful for you and the role you have had in my journey. For those of you that encouraged me to study engineering in college — many years ago. Thank you! For those who knew when to push me and encourage me and knew I was more capable than I thought I was. Thank you! For those of you who used your voices when mine wasn’t being heard or used your voices fighting for me and advocating for me – Thank you! And thank you for your friendship. You guys rock! And we need more of you!

And because the journey isn’t over and in honor of both men and women, as we move forward, I wanted to share a small excerpt from my story:

My Quiet Power featured in the Heal My Voice Book:  Feminine Voices: True Stories of Women Transforming Leadership. Enjoy!

“As I reflect back on my life and my experiences, attributes like quiet or loud, introverted or extroverted have nothing to do with leadership. It is how we show up authentically and present. So much feminine power has been suppressed, diminished in not just me but many girls and women around me. We don’t know our own power and we haven’t lived in environments where we were encouraged to be powerful in a feminine way. We are worthy of receiving great love and the first step is unconditional self-love. Not only loving ourselves, but also loving the women around us and seeing their beauty even when they do not see it themselves. We have some healing to do if we are to truly transform the world into a better place.

And as we heal we can help the men in our lives to embrace their power. We need to love and accept them and communicate in a way they can hear us. We need to ask them for their help in bringing balance together. We can’t do it without them, just as we can’t change the world hanging out in just masculine energy or just feminine energy. We need both in balance to truly transform the world. We have work to do. Are you in?”

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