about nancy kobel

My Cues and Views


Why work with me? One of my favorite questions is “How did you get to be a professional coach?” This question always makes me smile. The simple answered is I followed my heart. I enjoyed the journey. There is no way I could have planned this journey but one step at a time. One decision at a time and being open to where the road led. Following inspired action and being open to what showed up along the way. And I filled my toolbox up along the way. Tools I want to share with you.

We could say it started back in high school when I began helping my friends reach their goals. And maybe one day – you’ll hear how an introverted cheerleader, became a NASA Engineer, a Reiki Master and a life and leadership coach. I am now facilitating workshops and coaching for some amazing organizations and individuals, all making a difference in this world, whether globally or within their communities.

I always followed my heart when it came to my work in the world.

As a mom of two young adults, there was a point, when they were younger and I was trying to do it all. And I felt like I was failing big time. I could not meet all the ‘shoulds’ society told me I had to do to be a great mother, wife, employee, woman, etc.. I was barely surviving and felt like I was on one of those hamster wheels I couldn’t get off of. I was last on the list to the point that I always fell off the list. And when I fell off the hamster wheel, I probably just laid on the floor in tears knowing there had to be a better way, this couldn’t be it. (This strategy doesn’t work). So I started learning. I started getting curious and I started to figure out how to say no. How to set boundaries. And how to ask for help. And how to communicate more effectively. For starters.

The one thing I never lost (though I came close) was hope and faith.

from chaos to calm

I thought once I got there, all would be great. Only to find out, we never get there. There are always new challenges, new obstacles, and new things to learn.

Sometimes things fall apart before they get better. And sometimes we can learn the tools to help. I know I traveled my path for a reason.

I am a Leadership Coach, Team Coach and Facilitator.

During my journey of raising my own consciousness and waking up to greater leadership within myself, I have done (and continue to do) my inner work.

I have balanced both taking care of myself, my family and enjoying my life while creating a life that is calm even when there is chaos all around, able to take conscious action.  And I want to help you be able to do the same.


My Journey

I have spent over 25 years working small, medium and large companies, first a thermal engineer for NASA and then to developing engineers into leaders. This expanded into corporate leadership & organizational development, talent management and coaching.

The past 10 years, a professional coach, I have the coached leaders at all levels of the organizations and in many industries. I have also facilitated Leadership Development Workshops including Dare to Lead.

I am currently serving on the Board of Live Water Foundation in Annapolis, Maryland.

For the more formal stuff (I love learning and adding more tools to my coaching & Leadership development toolbox).

  • Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator
  • CPC from iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching)
  • ICF Accredited Coach (PCC – Professional Certified Coach)
  • COR.E Dynamics Specialist – Leadership & Wellbeing
  • ELI-MP (Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner)
  • BS Aerospace Engineering (University of Maryland – Go Terps)
  • MA Instructional Design (UMBC)
  • Author for Heal My Voice – a non-profit empowering women
  • Flat Water Level 1 Certified Paddle Board Instructor (PSUPA)
  • Certified Lifeguard (2022)
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Some places where I have facilitated, trained, and/or coaching:

On a more personal note. Some of the things I love include… learning loving and living. And some of this includes healthy living , chocolate, traveling everywhere, connecting with my tribes locally and globally, essential oils, laughing (I entered the world giggling instead of talking), community, my family, kids, adventure, the beach, walking barefoot, beach yoga, SUP Yoga, Paddle-boarding, climbing in trees, the ocean and so much more…..