• Working with Nancy is one of the best personal investments you could ever make. She brings such skill, experience, and expertise to every coaching situation she encounters. Even more, Nancy possesses a very unique blend of intuition, empathy, and strength that combine to make her the kind of powerful advocate you want in your life. Making the decision to work with a coach can feel intimidating, risky, and can bring up a lot of fear.  Choosing to work with someone as kind and talented as Nancy, who can expertly guide you through this new and unknown terrain, will be something you thank yourself for over and over again.

  • Nancy has been a great and valued Personal and Executive Coach for me. I find Nancy to be very insightful, analytical, professional and also warm, friendly and positive. I really like how Nancy partners with me to show me how I can improve in a way that is helpful, diplomatic and respectful and allows me to see solutions that help me achieve goals more rapidly and easily. Nancy has become a trusted and valued Consultant to me.

  • Nancy was very helpful in the last month of working with my previous employer. She met with me to discuss some of the issues that I was having with my manager. She listened to everything I had to say intently and worked through the issues I had with coaching exercises. Talking to someone who was removed from the situation gave a new perspective on the issues I was having. Nancy has a very calming effect and it helped a lot when I was overwhelmed with the issues during working hours. I would go to Nancy again in a heartbeat, if I ever need coaching.

  • I've had the opportunity to coach with Nancy for a year. Through this time we've discussed many things: relationships, my life purpose, spirituality, work, business, and more. Nancy shows up ready to meet me where I'm at high or low (and I've gotten really low). She's got a calm presence that makes me feel safe. With Nancy's help I've gotten a lot of clarity about who I am and what I want. Her coaching is invaluable.

  • Nancy’s intent listening, personal connection and natural dialog have made her a highly valuable executive coach! Nancy has helped me navigate office politics, and advance into an executive position. Her input is thoughtful and practical, and I always walk away from our conversations feeling energized and ready to tackle my next personal development challenge. Thanks Nancy for your great support – having you in my corner has been a huge advantage!

    Bill Fortune 100 Aerospace Company/Sr. Manager