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For a free pdf of my story from Heal My Voice: Feminine Voices: True Stories by Women Transforming Leadership

My story: My Quiet Power

A small excerpt from my story: “……..But this power included more, it wasn’t just my quiet power that was placed on a shelf, my feminine power sat right next to it. The belief that both quiet and feminine had less value was reinforced in a world that praised extroversion and masculine traits. When my quiet power showed up as leadership – it was fierce, yet it was calm and confident, based
on a combination of internal knowing backed with data communicated with passion. It didn’t show up nearly enough…until I truly claimed it and integrated it into my life.”

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Why Leader Inspired?

We are all leaders. And self leadership is the foundation.

Leader Inspired works with individuals and organizations ready to lead and develop in a new way through coaching, consulting and facilitation. One that embraces diversity and inclusion. That together we are greater, each with our own strengths. Leading an life we love. Ready to embrace our vision for a better future for all.


We are all leaders. Leader Inspired is about uncovering the leader within and bringing ourselves more fully into the present; enjoying our work, our life and making a greater impact on our world.