Leader Inspired

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with Nancy Kobel


Executive & Leadership Coach

Leadership Starts with You!

How we lead ourselves has an impact on our lives, our relationships, our careers, our health, and our world. We all have strengths, and sometimes we don’t realize them. One of my gifts is my power in the quiet, the calm, the ability to hold space.

I am a deep listener, a thinking partner, and as a professional coach,  I believe you have the answers within.

We all have strengths; how do we own them? How do we show up as ourselves?

Are you ready to lead and develop in a new way?

Leader Inspired is about uncovering the leader within and bringing ourselves more fully into the present; leading happier, more fulfilling lives, regardless of what is going on. Enjoying our work, our life, and making a greater impact on our world.

Are you ready to be a more masterful leader at home and work?

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We are all leaders.

Self leadership is the foundation.