You’ve had the power all along

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I recently had an experience in which the suggested solution was for me to turn down my light so as to not make other women uncomfortable around me… Considering how long it took to own the light and the work I do … it did not feel like a viable solution….When you feel uncomfortable around another woman and you start to question your own value your own worth — this is what I want you to know…..

You’ve had the power all along.

I know you are scared. You feel insecure, that you aren’t good enough. Others tore you down so much, took the very essence of who you are and made you feel like who you are was not enough. Not OK. Well I’m calling bullshit.

You are amazing and beautiful and there is crown that wants to sit on that gorgeous head of yours. Your crown, full of jewels and crystals and all your favorite colors and stones.

I know you’re scared, that you may get hurt, your defenses are up and it makes sense. You are merely surviving, not thriving. But you, my dear, were meant to shine like those crystals in your crown. You, my dear were meant to be more powerful than you can even fathom at this moment.

How do I know? It is around us… I see it…. I’ve witnessed it…. There are those that have tried to take our power away. Both men and women, boys and girls… why? Because we are so powerful…it’s scary. You have no idea. You can’t see it….

Rise up and shine and take those men with you and get that crown on your head. Do what you must. The world needs more compassion and love right now.

And men, we need you to stand up, beside us! We want to do this with you.

But that power is scary and causes fear and fear moves us into fight or flight or freeze or eat…. Or drink. Someway to escape it all. You gave up the fight.

Well I’m telling you, you have a whole sisterhood standing strong beside you, we are here, we see you, we love you, and we will protect your crown. And you have brothers too, those that want to protect you, see your beauty and want you to rise up in all your power….

It will make its way back onto your head. Our earth, our world, our communities and our children are depending on it.

Photo Credit:  Cathleen Carver

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